‘When in Rome… or at a Travel Agency!’

Post by Frances Monari, tug04242@temple.edu

Hi, all! My name is Franni Monari and I have had the pleasure of interning with The Roman Guy as their Content Marketing Intern this spring. The Roman Guy is a travel agency that runs tours throughout parts of Italy. The company also has other sub-companies; one called ‘The Paris Guy’, that runs tours through Paris, and another called ‘Finelli and Shaw’, that puts travel packages together for customers who want everything about a vacation taken care of for them.

As the company’s content marketer, my main job is to write blogs about the tours the companies’ provide or the cities that the tours travel through. I also have been assisting in rewriting old content, writing tour itineraries and occasionally getting to see the PR side of the biz while sending out care packages. My main goal as their content marketer is to generally create content that will drive traffic to the main website and hopefully get people to purchase a tour. Throughout my internship, I have had the privilege of learning SEO and have also gotten the chance to witness the company rebrand. Remember all of the tour companies I mentioned earlier? The company is attempting to make one brand that will cohesively bring all the companies together under one umbrella, this new company is called ‘The Tour Guy’. Seeing the rebranding unfold and take off right before my eyes has been a really cool and intriguing experience. Watching the company go from three different brands to one that is completely cohesive and being able to be a part of the process has been so rewarding.

Throughout my internship, I have fallen in love with long-form writing. This is a form of writing that I NEVER thought I would like. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to intern with The Roman Guy because I would have never gotten the chance to immerse myself into long-form writing. This is definitely a part of advertising that I have never considered and now I can’t see myself doing anything else.

One person who has helped me tremendously throughout my internship is my boss, Kayla! Kayla was one of the team members that hired me and I have looked up to her as a mentor throughout this past semester! She is always supportive of me and never strays away from giving me the constructive criticism that I need… like to stop saying, “When in Rome,” in the blogs I write. Also, Kayla is always willing to answer my many questions and teach me new techniques and strategies that are useful tools for me to know. Kayla, as well as the rest of my coworkers, has made working at The Roman Guy a great experience.

Again, I am so grateful for the experiences and time that The Roman Guy has given me. I have a clearer understanding of what I want out of a career and I am inspired to go out and into the world and use what I have learned at this internship to further my career.


  1. The picture grabbed my attention immediately. It drew me to your blog right away, which simply proves the importance of a first impression. It also made me want to read the entire blog to see what the internship is all about. Great job!

  2. I really enjoyed this blog post! Since my internship also focuses on content creation, I thought that it was interesting to read about someone else’s experience. This was interesting and well written. I had no problem reading it. Actually, I wish I could have read more. Very well done!

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