My Exciting First Week at Metro Esports: Diving into the World of Competitive Gaming and Community Building

End of Week 1 At Metro Gaming Camp

As you can see in the picture my first week at Metro Esports Doylestown was fully packed with things to do and kids to watch over. On my first day, I got a rundown of how things work daily regarding summer camp. They include turning the machines on every morning and getting, a software we use to make sure kids only play specific games that are allowed during summer camp and to make sure everything is nice and neat. 

Once the kids arrive around 9 AM, that is when the day really gets going. There are usually two groups of kids – one group consists of tournament players and the other group consists of Free Play Gamers. There is a weekly tournament that features a different game each time. This week, the games were Fortnite and Roblox. We gather and find mini games in Roblox for the kids to play and keep scoring ourselves. 

During the tournament, I walk around to see if the kids need any help and to record their times, number of kills, and whether they won the game to add to their scores. The scores are tallied up every Friday at 11:30, and prizes are given to the winners. After 11:30, when all the kids are packing up for lunch and leaving, we must wipe down all the equipment and reset everything for the next group of campers. Once that has done, I take my lunch break, and that marks the end of my day. My schedule changes weekly, sometimes I work for 3 hours, sometimes for 6. This week, it was 3. 

This experience has taught me a lot about the coordination and operations of running a summer camp focused on esports. It has strengthened my determination to pursue a specialty in esports marketing because I find it fascinating how we can engage a young audience through gaming. The positive aspects of the business that I discovered include the powerful sense of community and the excitement that gaming brings to the kids. 

I met the staff and saw their passion for gaming and education, and it was inspiring. The experience was everything I had hoped for and more. It differed from my original expectations regarding the level of responsibility and the hands-on experience I gained. I wish I had prepared more for the technical aspects of setting up gaming equipment, but I am quickly learning. 

My first week at Metro Esports was an incredible learning experience overall. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks and the new challenges they will bring. This internship is providing me with real-world experience that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations. I am especially excited for next week, as I will be working with the marketing team and delving into the areas that my major has prepared me for in the real world. 

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  1. Hi Charles,

    Your internship at Metro Esports sounds incredible and filled with hands-on experiences. It’s great to hear how you’re directly engaging with the kids and ensuring they have a memorable time. The way you’re handling the coordination and operations, from setting up the equipment to running the tournaments, really shows your dedication and adaptability.

    I’m impressed by your observations on the sense of community and excitement that gaming brings. It’s clear that you’re not just learning the technical aspects but also understanding the deeper impact of esports on young audiences. Your experience with the staff and their passion must be incredibly motivating.

    It’s great to see how this internship is aligning with your career aspirations, especially as you transition into working with the marketing team next week. Keep up the great work and I hope you enjoy this exciting experience!

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