Strategizing for Success: Metro Esports with the Marketing Team

What Metro Looks Like Before It Opens and Is Packed

Marketing and Metro

Hi, my name is Charles Selden-Lyde. I am a Senior at Temple University, and I am currently interning at Metro Esports. During my recent internship at Metro Esports, the main focus shifted toward meetings and planning for an upcoming event with the marketing team and Ari. While the daily tasks at the day camp remained consistent, a significant portion of my time was spent in discussions with Ari and the marketing group.

The meetings were intense yet incredibly insightful. Ari, with his extensive experience, guided us through the planning process, emphasizing the importance of every detail to make the event a success. The marketing team brainstormed various ideas on how to attract more participants and make the event engaging and meaningful.

We reviewed our promotional processes, which included using social media platforms such as TikTok to reach out to a younger audience. Additionally, the team discussed event strategies, such as organizing gaming stations, hosting mini-tournaments, and ensuring seamless operations throughout the day.

Even though I had a busy schedule, I continued with my usual responsibilities at the day camp, ensuring that the children had a great time and a safe environment to play their favorite games. Balancing these duties with organizing the event was challenging but rewarding. It gave me a deeper understanding of how event planning and daily tasks intersect in a dynamic organization like Metro Esports.
I am excited to see our event unfold as planned and can’t wait to share more about the upcoming event in my next post. This week has deepened my interest in esports marketing and event management, highlighting the impact of thorough preparation and teamwork.

Observations and Reflections

This week, I gained a clear understanding of the importance of teamwork and communication in organizing large-scale events. This experience highlighted the value of behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to the success of events. It strengthened my desire to pursue a career in esports marketing, as I was able to witness the development and implementation of strategies firsthand.

I had a great time meeting with Ari and the marketing team. Their dedication and creative ideas showed me the innovative and important aspects of marketing. This week provided the perfect balance of learning new skills and putting them into practice, and it differed from my initial expectations by offering a hands-on approach to event planning.


During my internship at Metro Esports, my focus was on strategizing and preparing for an upcoming event. The combination of daily camp operations and intense planning sessions offered a complete learning experience. I am excited to see how our hard work will result in a successful event and am eager to share more insights in the future.

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