Happy Earth Day, Google!




Happy Earth Day 2013! While you’re all being especially green today, do yourself a favor and head over to Google‘s homepage to see their interactive logo for the day. Google has presented us with a beautiful landscape that goes through the changing of the seasons. As the sun moves westward and the moon goes through it’s phases, the seasons pass, showing us different days starting with spring going slowly into summer, fall, and winter.

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Twelve Fluid Ounces

As promised in a recent post, I am now introducing Twelve Fluid Ounces.

Twelve Fluid Ounces is a project started by a good friend of mine, Illustrator/designer Brandt Imhoff. Brandt is a recent grad  from Tyler School of Art where he majored in printmaking. He started this ongoing project after discovering a bunch of vintage beer cans and decided to create a new drawing each week. He has been featured on several blogs (now including this one!) and hopes to have prints for sale soon, take a look at his website and let him know via twitter what you would like to see printed!

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Baubauhaus is a little bit like pinterest but for serious artists that just want to inspire each other. It’s a simple idea, full of great art. I found this site through a friend of mine, whom I will feature here on AdLib soon! Get ready for that one.

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The Roots

Since I’m pretty sure most of the people who read this blog are under 60 and live in the Philadelphia area, I’m going to assume you’ve heard of The Roots. As one of the most influential bands to the funk, neo-soul and hip-hop zeitgeist of the last 10+ years, (I didn’t know it had been that long), The Roots have toured the globe. They regularly preform at sold-out shows, festivals, and events for thousands of people, but having only ever seen them once (at The Roots Picnic 2008 which was like a chilled out block party with a mosh pit instead of a Moon Bounce), it didn’t occur to me to look at them for design inspiration purposes. It should have; the Roots are Philadelphia born and bred and that means one thing: Style.

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Push Me Pull You Designs by Eleanor Grosch

While looking at TLA posters I came across the work of Eleanor Grosch and knew I had to share.  Push Me Pull You Designs, her semi-one-man illustration machine since 2005, does all types of design from greeting cards to apparel as well as branding, product design, and logo design. She makes amazing prints of animals, simplifying them into geometric shapes and colors that are basically just delightful and full of imagination. Her posters are made with the same imagination, but with fantastic typography and use of color added in. Check out some of her work, and then get on her Etsy and pick up some animal-themed stocking stuffers.

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Posters from Philly: TLA

Philadelphia is home to some great venues, (look out for a post on the Troc) but I have to say the Theater of Living Arts is one of my favorites. Located on 4th and South, its been around since the 70’s when it was an actual theater showing grindhouse films; today its a venue for mostly rock and hip-hop acts, although I go there a lot for electro shows as well. Its mid-size (about 1,000 people), easy to get to and home from, (even at 3 in the morning in un-sober states), and ticket prices through LiveNation are usually pretty good. What I like about this venue, and other venues of this size, is that they like to book bands that are just famous enough to be able to afford to pay for good posters. Bands that commission posters from BMOC design studios can play on the same stage as openers who paid a friend of a friend 50$ to make flyers, but both will be good designs. Here are some examples from

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An Interview with John Solimine of Spike Press

So, this guy is amazing.

John Solimine is a huge name in illustration and design. With over 12 years in the biz he’s done work for Lollapalooza, the National, Fuse, NPR, the Chicago Tribune, American Express, and Nike, to name a few, (the list goes on and on), and each piece is amazingly dynamic and imaginative. His illustrations seem to tell a story in the blink of an eye; in a recent interview with Design Inspiration he revealed that that is one of the major goals with his work. The ability to evoke a strong emotional response with just a picture seems to be something that’s one part talent and three parts practice, practice, practice. I think 9x the practice = 9x the results, though, so it works out.

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Interview with David D’Andrea

Juxtapoz sat down with poster artists David D’Andrea a couple of years ago for their (then upcoming) Fog Rising event in San Francisco. For such a short interview, it really has a lot of insight about D’Andrea’s design process and the relation of visual art to aural art. I recognize D’Andrea’s poster for Queens of the Stone Age, (they may be terrible but its still a sick poster). His aesthetic is one that would tell you what kind of music you’re going to go see by the style of the poster.Take a glance at it, tell me what you think.

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