Posters from Philly: TLA

Philadelphia is home to some great venues, (look out for a post on the Troc) but I have to say the Theater of Living Arts is one of my favorites. Located on 4th and South, its been around since the 70’s when it was an actual theater showing grindhouse films; today its a venue for mostly rock and hip-hop acts, although I go there a lot for electro shows as well. Its mid-size (about 1,000 people), easy to get to and home from, (even at 3 in the morning in un-sober states), and ticket prices through LiveNation are usually pretty good. What I like about this venue, and other venues of this size, is that they like to book bands that are just famous enough to be able to afford to pay for good posters. Bands that commission posters from BMOC design studios can play on the same stage as openers who paid a friend of a friend 50$ to make flyers, but both will be good designs. Here are some examples from

I included two posters from the Tritone, also on South Street near Rittenhouse. I haven’t found an excuse to go to the Tritone yet, but with posters like these I feel like its high time I did.

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