My First Internship with First Outcomes

I’m Ashley Jasinski and I’m currently a rising Junior at Temple University. I’m majoring in Advertising, Art Direction while also studying to get a certificate in Film Studies. I’ve secured my first ever internship with a small startup digital healthcare company called First Outcomes. The company uses a mix of precision health data, AI, and machine learning technology to improve people’s health. My job there is to help assist in the digital marketing and communications department, specifically the advertising visuals. I’ve been working on creating their website and illustrations for papers as well.

So far, only being a few weeks into working at First Outcomes, the internship has taught me the importance of communication and team work. Without it, nothing would get done, especially in the field of advertising. Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, the job is remote, so we rely heavily on emails and virtual meetings. My supervisor and I go back and forth daily about what the next assignment is and what edits need to be made on the illustrations. The communication and teamwork is not only vital to know what to get done, but how. I want to make sure all the pieces I create for my company are what they envision or that the edits I make are closer to that vision. To finally work in a real position for what I want to do in my future, I really understand and see the importance of working together.

I definitely met people who inspired me while working at First Outcomes. This is because I work with an elite group of people who are truly trying to make a change in digital healthcare for the better. Everyone in the company is very hardworking and passionate about their role, which pushes me the extra mile to do more on my assignments. We’re a small startup, but we want to make a big change for people. The graphic designer and I are making the face of the company, which is quite exciting and a bit nerve-racking.

Some specific things I’ve gained so far from this internship is that I’m improving greatly in my design skills. I spend a lot of time in Illustrator creating what our bots look like because they’re not a physical being, so it’s up to me to decide what they would look like to everyone. I’ve only just started the Art Direction track in the beginning of the year and I’m creating pieces I didn’t know I would be able to make. I’m also learning how to communicate professionally because of all the emails and meetings I have each week. I’m only grateful for this opportunity at First Outcomes because it’s truly helping me grow professionally while preparing me for the future to be ahead of the game.

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