Klein Degree, STHM Experience

There are plenty of titles that I could use to introduce myself–Hannah Eadie, Temple University senior. Hannah Eadie, advertising major. Hannah Eadie, copywriter in training. But today I’m just going to explore my title as Hannah Eadie, marketing and communications intern at Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM).

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Interning for a Start-Up Team

Hi! My name is Ashley Truong, I’m currently a junior studying Advertising still deciding on a concentration. This semester, I got the opportunity to intern for a small start-up team called DL Dating as a Digital Marketer. DL Dating’s objective is to launch its new dating app and as a digital marketer, I’m responsible for promoting the app by creating email campaigns, sending out email blasts to our potential target audience (mainly young adults/college students) and possible sponsors who could help us promote the app. Besides the app, we also have a website with blogs on topics related to dating and relationships. I used Hubspot to track website performance and traffic. This experience at DL made me enjoy working in a small-team because it’s much easier to form a bond with your team members/co-workers and communicate. It also made me have a desire to work with digital marketing, data and analytics as a future career. However, I felt like I wasn’t fully exposed to the advertising industry due to the fact that we didn’t have a physical office. We met a cafe and held our meetings weekly there along with doing work so I didn’t get to fully experience working in an ad agency or any physical office setting. This was the main factor that affected my experience but I still got a lot out of working for DL. I look forward to another internship where I can work for an actual ad agency or company with a suitable working environment.

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Work, Play & Puppies

Work is almost as important as play at LevLane…almost.

On my last day, I walked into the 4th floor office of the Wanamaker Building and was greeted by familiar faces. Mostly.

Today happened to be the photoshoot for the agency’s new website and the team brought their puppies in as part of the shoot! The office was barricaded with play pens for the pooches and walking around the agency was like walking through a petting zoo! A Labradoodle in the Traffic department, a Pug playing with the Art Directors, a Maltese by Media’s side, two Pitbull mixes wrestling next to the Account team and a Yorkshire Terrier licking the fingernails of one of the Copywriters – needless to say, it was quite a pleasant surprise!

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A Permanent Internship

Most fellow students I have come across took an internship in a traditional ad agency, or marketing company that would naturally progress into either a job, or teaching the tools in order to land one. I, however, decided to intern at a tattoo shop, entitled Lost Soul Tattoo. This presented me with many opportunities to use my creativity and strive to come up with new ways to advertise an already popular tattoo location. I was thrust into a real role, as they never had anyone do advertising or “business” oriented work in the shop, other than piercing and tattooing. It provided me with a great challenge as there was not much in the way of guidance, so I took what I learned so far from my advertising classes and did my best to put it to work. The laid back, wear whatever you want, jam out to music while you worked, atmosphere really provided for a great creative environment and made it easy for my work to come to life via Social Media campaigns, clothing designs, and creating an entire guerrilla marketing strategy based around the shop. Taking this risk of working with a company that never had an intern before was something I was nervous about at first, but in the end it allowed me to rise to the occasion and create real work that garnered many impressions as well as new business for the shop. We saw a 6.5% increase in overall sales/revenue during my duration there, and with my implementation of a “How did you find us?” card, we realized that my Social Media Campaign was driving in about three new appointments per week (about $1200 extra revenue). This post isn’t about me bragging, or saying, “Hey, Look what I did for this company,” but to challenge other students and individuals to go for a job or internship that may be out of the box, as it could end up being the best thing for you. You could make a difference right away if you are ready for the challenge, don’t just settle for getting someone’s coffee or the internship your parents want for you. Sticking with the traditional way of doing things or going with the safest choice, will look good on a resume, but will it bring out the creative, driven person in you?

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