Work, Play & Puppies

Work is almost as important as play at LevLane…almost.

On my last day, I walked into the 4th floor office of the Wanamaker Building and was greeted by familiar faces. Mostly.

Today happened to be the photoshoot for the agency’s new website and the team brought their puppies in as part of the shoot! The office was barricaded with play pens for the pooches and walking around the agency was like walking through a petting zoo! A Labradoodle in the Traffic department, a Pug playing with the Art Directors, a Maltese by Media’s side, two Pitbull mixes wrestling next to the Account team and a Yorkshire Terrier licking the fingernails of one of the Copywriters – needless to say, it was quite a pleasant surprise!

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A Permanent Internship

Most fellow students I have come across took an internship in a traditional ad agency, or marketing company that would naturally progress into either a job, or teaching the tools in order to land one. I, however, decided to intern at a tattoo shop, entitled Lost Soul Tattoo. This presented me with many opportunities to use my creativity and strive to come up with new ways to advertise an already popular tattoo location. I was thrust into a real role, as they never had anyone do advertising or “business” oriented work in the shop, other than piercing and tattooing. It provided me with a great challenge as there was not much in the way of guidance, so I took what I learned so far from my advertising classes and did my best to put it to work. The laid back, wear whatever you want, jam out to music while you worked, atmosphere really provided for a great creative environment and made it easy for my work to come to life via Social Media campaigns, clothing designs, and creating an entire guerrilla marketing strategy based around the shop. Taking this risk of working with a company that never had an intern before was something I was nervous about at first, but in the end it allowed me to rise to the occasion and create real work that garnered many impressions as well as new business for the shop. We saw a 6.5% increase in overall sales/revenue during my duration there, and with my implementation of a “How did you find us?” card, we realized that my Social Media Campaign was driving in about three new appointments per week (about $1200 extra revenue). This post isn’t about me bragging, or saying, “Hey, Look what I did for this company,” but to challenge other students and individuals to go for a job or internship that may be out of the box, as it could end up being the best thing for you. You could make a difference right away if you are ready for the challenge, don’t just settle for getting someone’s coffee or the internship your parents want for you. Sticking with the traditional way of doing things or going with the safest choice, will look good on a resume, but will it bring out the creative, driven person in you?

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Overcoming Obstacles and Making Use of Your Time


I have been interning with the Philadelphia Virtual Academy since January. The goal was to bring in students from competitors and increase enrollment and awareness. I went into the interview with a lot of ideas about what could be done to meet these goals, and was really excited to put them into action once I was hired. However, I hadn’t realized how often you come across obstacles in the process that seem to limit what you can do. As a part of the School District of Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Virtual Academy is sometimes limited in what we can do and there are many roadblocks along the way when it comes to starting something new, such as marketing. At first, we were somewhat put off by the slow-moving process of many tasks, such as gaining approval to create a blog, and then again to upgrade it. We would meet in person once a week, and there were some meetings early on where we felt like we had not accomplished much in the past weeks. However, as the weeks flew by, we realized that though some processes may be slow, we should fill the time with smaller tasks, such as focusing on our Facebook presence, creating an AdWords campaign or designing Direct Mail brochures. While some things may move slowly, we learned that we could still make a lot of progress as these seemingly small tasks added up. Before we knew it, we had not only a list of accomplished tasks, but a whole new inspired list of more things that we could do. From these first couple of slow-moving weeks, we learned the importance of keeping things moving even when they seem to be at a stand-still. This is often what you need in order to get your juices flowing and produce more creative ideas, and it helps pass the time while you wait for the original projects to fall into place!

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Getting Involved, Getting Excited

I used to be an education major so when I switched to advertising, although I love it, I missed having the chance to work with kids. For this reason, I was really excited when I saw an email come through last semester about a marketing internship with the Philadelphia Virtual Academy, a part of the School District of Philadelphia. This passion came through in my interview and I got the position. Once the new year rolled around and I got started, I was disappointed to find that as the marketing intern, there wasn’t really much of a chance to interact with the students. I could post daily on social media and our new blog, and sometimes they would even respond to these, but never in a way that made me feel as if they were excited about my posts. There was a disconnect, and I was determined to lessen this in order to get the kids as excited as I was. But how do you get a group of middle and high schoolers excited about anything school-related? Regardless of how relevant my blog posts were to their lives, they didn’t feel like any of it could be “cool” because it came from their school. So I talked to Dave, the PVA administrator and my internship coordinator, about this problem, and we agreed that it might be beneficial for me to get involved outside of the realm of advertising so I could get to know the students and they could put a face to the anonymous “PhillyVirtual” posts. Kevin, another marketing intern, had the opportunity to sit in on a Writing Club meeting in the Virtual Office, where the students’ classes are held. Through this, he learned a little about the process and the daily activities of the students, but not much about the students themselves. We had more success when we had the opportunity to meet them in person by chaperoning a field trip to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. This was a trip that a lot of the kids were really excited about, so it was great to meet them in person and share in their enthusiasm for the trip. Later on I did a blog post with details and pictures from the trip and I found that the kids were much more active in response to the corresponding tweets and Facebook posts. The students that I met on this trip are now more active on the blog as well. I will be continuing with PVA for another couple of weeks and I hope to have the chance to go on more field trips and interact with more students so that by the time I leave, the students are more interested in the blog and social media.

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Future Media Concepts: A Glimpse Into MY Future


This semester, I have been working as a Marketing Intern for the company Future Media Concepts. For the past few weeks, I have been learning so much about the marketing industry and gaining plenty of useful experience. Although I am in my junior year as an advertising major, marketing has always been something I have been interested in since it is so closely related to advertising. My manager is great and lets me do a variety of projects. I work on e-mail campaigns (which has lead me to learn the ins and outs of the program SalesForce), help manage and create content for their social media sites, write blog posts on WordPress, and will also be a part of preparing an event that will be happening in May.

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How Exit Philadelphia Opened My Eyes

Jeremy Wieland, Owner of Exit Philadelphia organizing pop up shop

Jeremy Wieland, Owner of Exit Philadelphia organizing pop up shop


My name is Steve Brydzinski, and I am an Advertising – Creative track – Major.  I was fortunate to get an Internship at Exit Philadelphia, a skateboarding retail store set in the heart of the Northern Liberties.  It’s been a heck of a fall semester, I have loved my time here as an intern and I can’t wait to continue working there throughout the spring semester as well.

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Late autumn


I can’t believe that I finished my internship at Harmelin.

I am a little sad that I have to leave a great place that is filled with great people;

I wish that I could stay there for a little longer, it would be nice.

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How I’m trying to get my foot in the door

I work as a Web Design Intern at a company called ASTM International, and I really enjoy it. One of my projects was helping to redesign the website. They use a contracting company called Micronexx to do all the developing. A way we communicate about the project is through a website called Redmine. On this site, we can post to Micronexx what we need to be changed, updated, or created for the website. When I was first being introduced to the project, my boss sent me an email only telling me to register on the Redmine website. Later in the day, we were to having a meeting about it at his office. I looked through the site and the features and remembered what my boss had told me about it earlier. Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.16.56 AMI was supposed to post the errors I had found on the website when going through it. I did just that and later proceeded to meet with my boss. As he was about to show me how to create a new task, he had seen that I had already posted the issues I had found, and was impressed that I was already ahead of the game. Over the course of my internship, I had to post some other things on here for the developers to do. One of the tasks was creating some icons with a page curl effect to show it was an online catalog. Recently, an email was sent out to all the ASTM staff about a new June catalog. I took a look at it on the website and saw it didn’t have the consistent page curl like all the rest. I quickly made it and sent it to my boss asking if I should put the task on Redmine. He said it was a good catch and would be pleased if I could do so. I hope that little things like this can get me in the door at a full time job when I graduate. Any little things like this are important to be on the look out for. Employers definitely look for interns who are motivated and caring about the company.

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Doing Great Work at an Internship

Everyone wants to impress his or her boss by doing outstanding work at an internship. But how do you know when the opportunity is there? I work as a Web Design Intern at a company called ASTM International. My main task at my internship is to reorganize and redesign the company’s intranet site, currently over 400 pages in a confusing and cluttered navigation. On my first day, my boss gave me a useful book to read, Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug. dontmakemethinkThis book has great advice and information about web interaction and usability. He lent it to me just as an interesting and informative read for when I had down time. But I took this book home and read it in a couple of days because I thought it could help me with my project. The book was a great refresher for things learned in school, as well as sparking some new ideas. So when I sat down to reorganize the information architecture, I was inspired by the book and managed to create a couple different drafts. My boss was pleased to see that I had made progress on this difficult project so soon and even had me start on wireframes. This is an example of an opportunity to learn more than expected of you and provide higher quality work. Whatever resources your employer gives you, take advantage of them. Even if you are not handed a book, do your own research and find your own resources to learn from. After all, it is important to be self-starting, efficient, and hungry to learn during an internship.

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