All For the Love of Music

Hi everyone! My name is Nick DiSabella and I am currently interning at the Reading Musical Foundation (RMF) as a rising senior at Temple University. Finding internships for this summer was extremely challenging for me as a full time student and working at a restaurant on the side. However, Klein instilled in me the ability and power to network myself and make meaningful connections. I ended up getting this position referred to me from someone I had kept close in my network. I gratefully accepted the position as RMF had given me a scholarship to me when I was in high school. It felt like a full-circle moment.

The best part of my internship right now is the ability to have a first-hand experience in creating and analyzing social media content. One of my biggest interests has always been art and graphic design, and most of my projects revolve around collecting data and research to create content to define our brand. Social media is something I am extremely interested in, and I have found that it is one of the best ways to combine both my creative and strategic skills.

I work closely with my supervisor, Keri, and with my mentor, Taylor. Keri is truly one of the kindest people I have ever worked with. I had previously done copy work for Alex’s Lemonade Stand which is another non-profit. Working for a non-profit is extremely different than working for companies or in the commercial market. Keri once said to me “when you understand how one non-profit works, you understand how that one non-profit works.” I thought this was extremely clever and allowed me to understand different business models and how to adjust to understanding the current model you are working with.

Taylor being my mentor makes my life a whole lot easier. Typically, Keri and Taylor come up with projects and I have free reign on how to complete them. It has allowed me to think creatively and gain the confidence to pitch my ideas. Recently, our board elected four new trustees and I am developing their introduction posts on our social media. I was able to interview them over email, develop color palettes, and create mood-boards for what I want the posts to look like.

Temple has allowed me to try a little bit of everything during my time here. The remote setting of my internship has allowed me also to accept a position of social media coordinator at Kohler’s Bakery down in Avalon and keep my restaurant job over in Fishtown. It is all about time management, and I feel balancing these three has allowed me to feel very fulfilled and proud of all that I have accomplished at my position.

After completing this internship, I could definitely see a future in social media and qualitative research. I care about the minds of consumers and how to properly reach who needs the product or brand I am working for. I have always wanted to work in entertainment advertising, and this feels like a great pathway to start. Working for such a great cause like the programs RMF creates for young musicians is helping inspire the next generation get in touch with their artistic and musical sides they might not have access to without us. I am so proud to be just one tiny part of everything we do at RMF.

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