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Kembrel Men’s Store Opening

After interning for Kembrel for over a year, I have learned many things about fashion, retail, social media, merchandising and branding. Kembrel’s latest venture was opening a Men’s Shop in the midtown village. With such a small space and an unconventional retail/showroom space. I knew something that needed to be done. So, I suggest to the CEO, Head of Store Operations, Head Buyer Marketing Manager and the Creative Director that we change the space into a men’s only store.

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Jenna Communications – My Fresh Start

My internship at Jenna Communications has definitely proved to a be an experience I was never accustomed to. As an advertising major, I am used to account management, designing ads, and creating outlandish campaigns. Jenna Communications on the contrast, is a public relations agency. Although it was not what I was accustomed to before this semester, my experience at Jenna Communications has definitely proved beneficial.

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Jack of All Trades

We’ve all been asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” more times than we can count. For me, it’s always a struggle to come up with a solid, satisfying answer.  The truth is, I’m interested in a lot of different things.  It’s hard for me to pick a career to spend 30 years in when there are other things that I could also be happy in.  I don’t know if anyone else in SCT feels the same- but that’s one of the features I found so great about our field.  We get the chance to learn something new everyday.  We, as advertisers, marketers, and public relations specialists have the opportunity to work for different companies all the time (so to speak).  At Silencia, the PR firm I’m working with right now, I have experienced several different types of businesses.  I’ve researched different types of hummus to get information about a client’s competition; I’ve learned about skin rejuvenation and spray tanning for another client–who’s interested and why they’d want to try it; and I created newsletters for Saxby’s coffee and had to learn about different types to understand why Saxby’s is unique.  I think we’ve got such exciting careers ahead of us- filled with opportunities to learn about everything. Who knows? Tomorrow we might pick up a client who sells organic chips or a client who runs a day care.  Does anyone else agree that this is one of the greatest parts of our field? Does anyone else get to work on different accounts and find it interesting to learn about so many different things?  In my mind, we’ve learned a trade- but we’ve got to tailor it every day to suit our different clients. I guess that makes us somewhat of a jack of all trades.

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Speak Up!! Your thoughts and ideas are valuable. Really.

This semester, I am interning with Silencia, a small public relations firm in center city Philadelphia.  When I started in late August, the owner had been asked to be a part of the public relations team for Eagle’s player Asante Samuel’s foundation, Bring it Home Moms.  Though I’m not a sports fanatic, I was still excited to accompany Aly, the owner, to a meeting at the Nova Care Center to meet with Asante and present our ideas.  Though I didn’t present, it was a great experience to see how one pitches an idea to the client and is prepared to work with their criticisms and sell the idea.  Randi, the woman presenting, was confident in her presentation and ideas, yet flexible.  It seemed as if her presentation was one of those ‘choose your own ending’ stories.  She had a reason for every decision and if that was satisfactory, she had an alternative plan, ready and waiting.    

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Internship at Weston Fitness

I started Weston Fitness about 2 weeks ago and everything is going well thus far. My name is Brianna and I am currently an Advertising student with a focus in Art Direction. I will be graduating in May and this is my third internship in the fields of production and advertising. My current projects at Weston Fitness include setting up a new advertisement to promote their gym and try to get people to come join. The ad is for March and is still in the works. Along with that, we are hosting a health fair this upcoming Monday. We will be partnering with KPMG Accounting to promote a healthier and better life to their 750plus employees. At this point, we are confirming other health conscious vendors to make this event more successful. Thus far, we have about 10 vendors that will promote their brand and pass out beneficial coupons or products to the KPMG employees that attend. Since I am an advertising student focusing in Art Direction, I find myself dealing with less art direction ideas, and more public relation tasks. However, I have come to enjoy promoting this gym as well as, having the ability to network with other companies and see how they are run and organized. Therefore, my experience may not have been what I expected, but it has been an effective learning tool for my future. I now feel more comfortable with creating events and talking to other companies via phone and/or email.  Overall, it has been a great experience and I hope it continues to improve my networking skills.

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