Jenna Communications – My Fresh Start

My internship at Jenna Communications has definitely proved to a be an experience I was never accustomed to. As an advertising major, I am used to account management, designing ads, and creating outlandish campaigns. Jenna Communications on the contrast, is a public relations agency. Although it was not what I was accustomed to before this semester, my experience at Jenna Communications has definitely proved beneficial.

I kind of went into my internship with a clean slate. My previous internship over the summer was all about luring people into the city I am from. It was more tourism than anything. Although I had learned a bit about public relations in our advertising classes, I still had no idea what I was getting into. But I knew that it was definitely something I wanted to dip my hands in. The one thing my internship has in common with my major is that it is all about clients. This is perhaps the most important part of my job. We make clients happy. We do everything we can to gain good press for our clients to help them succeed, and it is a rather fun task.

I have grown a lot since I started on September 1. I went from knowing nearly nothing about public relations to feeling very comfortable within the field. I work on press releases, press clippings, event listings, event planning, client outreach, phone calls, and occasionally get to work on designing ads. The women I work with make it easy for me to get the job done while incorporating some of the things that I am happy doing. They also trust me to work on the same projects that they are, as if I am more than an intern. This field, although definitely different from advertising, is an extremely crucial one.

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  1. Katie, I’m glad your experience got better as the semester progressed. It seems like you learned a lot! Public Relations seems to have a big part in the advertising field and it is always great to expand your horizons!

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