A Meeting with Nicole Cashman

As you may remember, I have spent the summer interning with Cashman & Associates, the public relations firm in Northern Liberties and owned by Nicole Cashman.  Throughout the course of my internship, I have been fortunate enough to mix and mingle with Philadelphia’s social elite.

First and foremost, I was fortunate enough to have a 45 minute power lunch with Nicole, herself.  She made herself available for me to pick her brain about any questions I had about the industry.  Essentially, all of her advice boiled down to work hard and always be thankful for the opportunities presented to you.  One must understand that he is constantly representing his own personal brand, for better or worse.

I felt it was very interesting that the main point of the conversation revolved around something my mom has told me ever since I was a child; however, Nicole mentioned her success was built on hard work and being true to yourself.  Because she maintains deeper-level relationships with her clients, friends, and associates, they are all very willing to assist her in any way they can.

Nicole also offered insight into the world of high fashion PR.  She mentioned that it’s very important to get involved early, and her first internship with Saks Fifth Avenue paved the way for her job as the head of public relations for the New York Bloomingdales.  Her story shows that connections made through internships can provide immense opportunities in the future.

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