Kembrel Men’s Store Opening

After interning for Kembrel for over a year, I have learned many things about fashion, retail, social media, merchandising and branding. Kembrel’s latest venture was opening a Men’s Shop in the midtown village. With such a small space and an unconventional retail/showroom space. I knew something that needed to be done. So, I suggest to the CEO, Head of Store Operations, Head Buyer Marketing Manager and the Creative Director that we change the space into a men’s only store.

We needed to revamp a location that wasn’t doing well. I was discouraged with Daffy’s closing, many men had come into our two stores to express their concern and frustration as it is hard to find great pieces for men in the city. Thus, my head started filling with ideas. I proposed to the CEO, Head of Operations, our Buyers, Creative Director and the Store Director. After an article in the NYT called a New Wrinkle in Men’s Wear.

We decided to open the Men’s Store with me as the lead. Essentially, this is my store! I get to pick products, arrange and display merchandise. I picked fixtures, furniture and decorations for the store. We opened on the October 5th and had over 70 people in attendance. With a local brand in the back doing their own trunk show. We reached out to local bloggers and press. Here are some articles (Phrequency, Uwishunu, A STYLd LIFE, Temple News)

It was a great event and it was to be a part of the creation of the store. We are still open and we are at 1219 Locust Street, Philadelphia PA. Stop by, one day and ask for Marquis.

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