March 2013

P&G Takes a Swing at an MLB Campaign

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As part of a campaign behind Procter & Gamble Co.’s Head & Shoulders with Old Spice, P&G wants to own the strikeout in MLB baseball. P&G is attempting to play on the double meaning of scent and strikeouts with their innovative MLB campaign. For every strikeout, P&G will give $1 to Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities. The company also plans to fuel social media with the hashtag #Whiff. For every month, the MLB club whose fans tweet most often using #Whiff, P&G will donate an additional $10,000 for local chapters.

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Watch Out Santa, Nielsen Is Now Watching Everything

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Nielsen is going beyond tracking what you watch to tracking all of your purchases as well. Linking TV viewers to their individual purchases has been available to packaged-goods marketers for a few years now, but Nielsen is now making this data available to telecom, restaurant, travel, entertainment, financially services and almost all retail advertisers, according to Adage. Senior VP Global Product Leader of Nielsen Buyer Insights said that this tracked data represents over $37 billion in transactions, $4 trillion in sales and $10 billion in advertising spending annually. This doesn’t mean Nielsen sees absolutely everything you buy, but they can see what TV viewers buy on an aggregated level.

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University Guest Speaker: Andrew F. Smith




Andrew F. Smith, the author of Drinking History: Fifteen Turning Points in the Making of American Beverages, will be discussing his book at Paley on March 26th, discussing the history of All-American drinks such as Coke and Coors, as well as the advertising and marketing around them. This is an opportunity to learn how advertisers and marketers in the beverage industry have helped shaped the lifestyles of Americans as well as change American history.

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Bigger News Feed, Bigger Ads.

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Today Facebook announced its newest plan to redesign its news feed feature. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s idea is to create a news feed that acts as a personalized newspaper. The idea is that users will be able to persue streams consisting entirely of photos, events, music-related content or brand specific content from brands you like or public figures that you follow. In order to create this personalized newspaper, photos and ads that show up in your news feed will appear larger to attempt to be more eye-catching.

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New Livestrong Logo Unveiled

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The Livestrong Foundation has recently released their new logo in an attempt to emerge from Lance’s previous doping scandal in order to focus on the true meaning of the foundation. The foundation has legally changed the name from Livestrong to Livestrong Foundation in order to position the brand towards forward movement and its unique role in the fight towards curing cancer. The focus is less Lance and more cancer and meeting the needs of those in the cancer community.

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Advertising the Greater Good



Advertising is a great source for inspiration when we think about expanding our own skills and creativity. Some of the most inspirational advertisements come from social cause and non-profit campaigns. There’s a site, Osocio, that I frequent to quite often to see what’s new in this area of the industry. Osocio posts the best global campaigns of non-profit advertising and social cause marketing.  The blog posts impressive work from various organizations and agencies on a wide variety of topics from activism to environmental issues to social aid and so on.

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AT&T Shuts Down T-Mobile in New Ad



This is competitive advertising in its most straightforward state. AT&T put out these ads last week in newspapers blatantly attacking T-Mobile for their dropped calls and slower speeds. This was a bold move for AT&T to use such an honest advertisement to get at their competitor. Putting the full focus on the faults of their competitors and only stating their own company name in smaller print is an interesting tactic to catch the attention of readers. At first when you look at the ad it seems as though it’s actually an ad for T-Mobile, using a layout and typeface reminiscent of the company’s past ads, that is until you read the qualities of the network.

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Philly Addy Awards



The 2013 Addy Awards are this Thursday, March 7, 2013! This is a Philly Ad Club event organized to award creatives and professionals in Philadelphia Advertising who have shown exceptional work this year. This is a great opportunity to see award winning work from industry creatives as well as network with professionals from all over the Philadelphia area. Information provided by the Philly Ad Club is listed below.

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