If you have heard the phrase “FREE DESK HERE” being talked about on Twitter or Facebook and had no idea what they are talking about, here’s the scoop. London based company, Open Studio has begun a new project called Free Desk Here Project, that puts young, aspiring creatives in agency desks for free with no commitment, no pressure, and no distractions!

The goal is to have agencies that have open desks and/or spare space to offer it up to aspiring creatives so that they can create their own (not the agencies’) personal, high caliber work in a facility that is professional and can cater to their needs. Freelancers and broke students rejoice! This is a great opportunity to get out of your crammed apartment and into a workplace and mindset that will inspire awesome work!

Here are the rules:

Desks are 100 percent free. There’s no charge.
Guests are there to work on their own projects, not the agency’s work.
Agencies can end things at any point.
WiFi and other facilities like the kitchen, toilet and windows are included.
The desk is available only during agency hours.
Guests should not invite anyone into the agency.
Meeting rooms are off limits to guests.
Use of stationery, printers, telephones, etc., are not included.
Guests might be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.
Guests shouldn’t play their own music.
Guests should respect the studio culture.
Guests should not remove anything from the studio.
Guests might be asked to meet the agency before being offered the desk.
Guests should be open to share ideas and talk about their work.
Guests should be actively working on a project and attend the agency daily.
The free desk is not a short cut to getting a job at the agency.


If you want to find your new desk, see pictures, list a free desk and find out more, check out

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