The Value of Mobile

As technology becomes more and more necessary in our lives, we have recently turned our focus from print to online advertising. Mobile ads have been significant parts of ad campaigns for many advertisers. As advertisers, we are inclined to desire a way of measuring the effect these mobile ads have on consumers. Today, Google announced its idea of how exactly to measure the effect of these mobile ads in order to show marketers the true value of online advertising.

This is not only a big opportunity for marketers but also for Google itself. With this information, Google will be able to persuade more businesses to advertise online through Google. The initiative Google launched is called “The Full Value of Mobile.” The model includes a calculator that determines the many affects mobile ads have on consumers such as how many clicks to call a business or in-store visits. The idea is to connect the dots between the ads and the activities of the consumer.

Google hopes that this tool will guide marketers towards the use of online advertising in order to reach their customers in the most effective possible way.

To learn more about The Full Value of Mobile, click here.

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