Comm Arts; A Must Have Subscription


One thing us advertising students have learned time and time again is that magazine and print-based-medium subscriptions are becoming an outdated media outlet. In the new age of iPads, podcasts and blogs, there are very few reasons for us, or anyone to commit to having a hard copy of our favorite publications sent to us by snail mail. But I have found my exception; Communication Arts.

CommArtsIlloAnnual2011My Art DirectionI professor recommend that we all check out the magazine and consider purchasing a years worth of content (available on-line and in print!) in place of a textbook. Well it was the best $50 I have spent in a long time, and I already renewed my subscription for another year! When I see the small brown package in the mail that contains the Design, Typography, Interactive, or Advertising Annual issue I turn into a giddy little girl at a Taylor SWift concert.


I immediately set aside a good two hours just to flip through the 200-300 page collection of the best, boldest, and most beautiful examples of awesomeness in the industry. Every issue is amazing. Each is filled with vibrant pictures of art and artists that are making waves and standing out in their creative fields. If you don’t ever read a single article, you will still love flipping through each and every page, cover to cover, and will without a doubt feel inspired and creatively enhanced every time.

I encourage everyone to consider investing in the publication and maybe even submitting some of their own work. You will not be disappointed. Get your annual subscription here, and ask your professors about it and if they set up a student discount for the class (I don’t know how this works but it’s been done in the Temple Advertising Department!)

Written by: Bryanna Carzo


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