George Lois visits the MET every Sunday

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I’m an avid reader of the GOOD blog, whose tagline is: What’s good to learn and do today. I would love to share all their posts with you but you can check it out and if it speaks to you, subscribe to the blog yourself (of course!)

Today’s post by George Lois, an American art director, designer and author really struck a chord with me as I have felt and will continue to feel that it is extremely important for students in the Advertising program to experience all types of culture while studying at Temple University. Before I move on…I HIGHLY recommend Lois’ book titled: Damn Good Advice.

I encourage my students to go to live music shows, theater (on and off campus), movies, museums, special exhibits, networking events and in general, just go downtown and explore (soak it all in!)

I offer extra credit for doing just about any of those things and writing about it. I do this because I feel that it is critical to experience new things using all your senses in order to be creative, to come up with new ideas, to prosper in this industry.

I spend lots of time online, just as my students do but inspiration doesn’t come from Facebook alone—it is a fact.

So, get out there, find your routine of taking in culture that inspires you! And remember to subscribe to various Philadelphia blogs that will help keep you ‘in-the-know’—uwishunu and Philebrity are good places to start.

I’ve included a few photos of my favorites spots in Philadelphia:

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