UNICEF’s “Tap Project” Goes Social


For Marc’s World Water Month, UNICEF and Droga5 launched a social campaign to strengthen their existent “Tap Project”. This campaign is designed to “turn the world’s largest social network, Facebook, into the world’s largest water network”. Taking a social cause campaign to the social medium is a tricky move but one that can be really effective. Everyone is already on social networks, so why not go directly to them?

The concept of the campaign is well thought out and simple enough to get across on the Facebook app. It was smart of UNICEF to focus on the sharing tool because that will draw in a lot of participants. It was also smart to make it possible to donate directly from the app. The campaign has buzz coming from people all over Twitter and Facebook, even celebrity accounts. Hopefully social sharing will help this important cause for clean water and sanitation be known to people all over!

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