My Bright Future at Flashlight Marketing

Flashlight Marketing as a brand is new to the industry, but the members of our team have years of knowledge and experience in the field.

Hi there! My name is Lauren Krall, I am a senior Advertising major in the Brand Strategy & Research concentration. This fall I started my first internship at Flashlight Marketing, in Delaware County. Flashlight Marketing as a brand is new to the industry, but the members of our team have years of knowledge and experience in the field. Last year, they were set to launch their company and break away from their parent company but as everyone is aware, 2020 was an unpredictable year. As the pandemic was at its peak, Flashlight made its début and announcement virtually as a full-service creative marketing and digital services agency. I am so glad that I have been welcomed onto the team at a time where they are still building because it has allowed for me to learn the ropes first hand of how a company grows. 

Over the last few months, our brand’s relationships have only gotten stronger. A few of our familiar clients are The Fresh Grocer and ShopRite, the Delaware County Veterans Memorial, and the Courtyard and Fairfield by Marriott hotels. We recently have taken on the role of PR and marketing help for social media technology software company LifeBrand, who were the 2020 winners of SharkTank’s Kevin O’Leary’s StartEngine pitch competition! They have since taken on a few brand ambassadors including Philadelphia Eagles’ DeVonta Smith! This new, blooming relationship is very exciting and important for Flashlight’s success. Being involved with another company that is also in it’s beginning phases opens the door for many great opportunities.

Personally, I have gained the most experience through my supervisor, who is the chief creative officer. She has let me dive into all aspects of marketing through client success, content creation, social media strategy and more. What I have found most interesting, is the research I have conducted for our brand’s clients based on their social media presence compared to their competitors. This research has made me realize the significance of tracking engagement and discovering the relevant hashtags to boost content to target audiences. I never thought I would be the type of person for crunching numbers and mastering Excel, but I have come to enjoy it!

Overall, my experience at Flashlight has been nothing but positive. I have learned many beneficial tools of digital marketing and strategy by following closely with my team and being a part of all ongoing projects for our clients. As for the future, I have made wonderful connections through Flashlight and their partners, that have given me room for new internship opportunities for the spring and potential career leads following graduation. I am so thankful for this semester and excited to see what’s next!

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  1. Wow Lauren, your internship this semester sounds great. I am very intrigued by Flashlight, and am actually considering looking into internships there in future semesters. I have not worked with a very big team, but since my team is small I also had the chance to get very close to them.

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