May 2015

The KYW1060 Sales Intern Experience

CoreyThe KYW1060 Intern Report

KYW 1060 RADIOWhat does a sales intern do at a major TV/Radio station in Philadelphia?

A sales intern has the opportunity to be around the best salespeople who know how to sell, take on new and exciting projects, listen to what’s going on around him/her, drink from the water cooler, learn many coffee is for closersmany names, and be a part of a highly energetic sales meeting every week.

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Evoke Heath Internship Reflection

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Today marks my last day interning at Evoke Health. I can’t believe an entire semester has come and gone. It is crazy to think that just four short months ago, I had absolutely no idea as to what pharmaceutical advertising was all about. Although I am still trying to figure out, I can honestly say I learned a great deal from this internship experience. To any undergraduate students who are looking for an internship, Evoke is definitely a great place to apply. Even if you are not interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals or healthcare marketing, an Evoke internship is still extremely valuable. Here are several things I loved about working here:

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