Bitcoin Internship

My internship is with CoinOutlet, Inc a manufacturer and operator of bitcoin smart kiosks. I had the opportunity this week to help create flyers and become a part of the company sponsored Lancaster Bitcoin Meetup Group. The company pays for pizza and beer, but has trouble getting people to come out in the area to these meetups. I was tasked with finding a way to get some people to join. The company has a machine in Lancaster stationed in a cafe called, 454 Grill. The owner, Leigh, allows meals to be paid in bitcoin so it was an ideal location for the machine. My boss gave me the chance to learn more about the machines by allowing me to see one in person and take it apart and mess with it. I helped make a brochure tutorial based on my own experience using the live machine. To get people to the meetup I created a facebook page and promoted the event more. The next meetup was more successful in people showing up and learning about bitcoin. In the future I think I will also help promote this by posting flyers at nearby college campuses.

The meetups are fun because I learn a lot of questions that people are asking. My goal is to find solutions to these problems. At the meetup I write down how people are understanding the creation of a wallet on the kiosk that we have. With our machines you can buy and sell bitcoin using cash. Once people see how easy it is, it comes naturally to use the machine. But, at first I see that people are intimidated by a process of which they are unsure. I will create a brochure for the machines that will give new users a way to learn more about the machines, without feeling intimidated.

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