Finally, it is coming down to an end. Not only is my time at Harmelin Media winding down, but my time as an undergrad at Temple as well. I feel very confident that Harmelin and Temple have put me in a great position to succeed in the future. Although I admit that finding a job will be stressful, hard work will eventually pay off. Harmelin especially has taught me the first steps of being a professional and working within a professional environment, and for that I am truly grateful. It is encouraging to be given such great reviews from your supervisors as you leave your internship. I am excited to say that I will continue to pursue a career in media planning/buying and continue to perfect this craft as well.

Harmelin has shown me what it takes to be successful in this industry and has given me the resources to find a full-time position. The strategists, planners, buyers all had tremendous patience and selfless attitudes whenever they worked with me, they understood I was not going to be perfect at this position but they took time to teach me. I had no expectations of what was going to happen in my time at Harmelin, but I must say the way I feel today I would have never expected to feel this confident about my career closing in on graduation day. I hope that each and every Temple Ad major feels the same way about their experiences as well. Best of luck to all the 2015 graduates on your futures and I will see you all May 8th!

Michael McCaney graduation