Learning How To Get In Where You Fit In

This semester I had a great opportunity to intern with one of the most respected/well-known media companies in the United States. I am grateful for being hired as a Radio Sales Intern at KYW1060/CBSPhilly.

One of the most important traits I have acquired is seizing the opportunity to help with projects that may be outside of my official job description/intern title. In a fast paced environment like sales it is important to listen more than you talk. This goes for taking on new projects and working with team members who have many projects to complete on any given day. The truth is, people do not have the time to sit and hold your hand while you work your way through a project. As a time saving mechanism listening is absolutely necessary because it eliminates the need to ask questions that creates more confusion & wastes more time than the original assignment instruction. In a case of total uncertainty it is necessary to ask questions, however, I have learned that in some cases it is best to just jump in and get your feet wet/learn from your mistakes. One of the outcomes of this approach could be to completely fail at a project. This is acceptable as an intern. You are there to learn!

I have learned to live in the moment, adapt, be dynamic, and IMPROV each moment to the next. Planning ahead is only good for that specific moment.


  1. Hi Corey,

    Your post was really relatable. I intern for 94WIP and I completely agree with your advice to just jump right in there and not be afraid of failing. In such a fast pace environment where things have to be done and communicated quickly, it is extremelty important to save as much time as possible and do what you think is best, just like you said. I really like your last sentence about living in the moment, adapting, and being dynamic. Those are great and powerful tips to tell any intern.

  2. Hi Corey! I really enjoyed reading your post. It was direct, relate-able, and true. I agree that it is important to jump in and lend a hand with projects outside your assigned duties. To me, that shows you’re willing to take on any challenge and are able to multitask, which stands out to people in the company. I’m currently a Media Intern at Harmelin Media and I’ve experienced firsthand the value and importance of teamwork. With deadlines to be met and client meetings to attend, it is imperative to listen so that unnecessary questions are avoided in order to make operations run quickly and effectively. I especially like how you close with “you are there to learn.” By far, that is the most important thing to keep in mind as an intern and probably the best advice to give to future interns. After all, that’s the whole point of taking on an internship.

  3. Lindsey,

    Thank you for your feedback on my post. That’s great to hear you are interning at WIP. I am glad you could relate. Communication and feedback are important in any internship and/or job. I wish you the best of luck in your future!

  4. Hi Briana!

    Thank you for your response. I am glad that you thought my post was easy to digest. That is awesome you are interning with Harmelin Media. I hope the internship was a great experience for you. Listening is a life skill that is so important to success in anything that you do. It looks like you had a similar experience with realizing how important that skill is. I hope your internship went well and that you are able to build on that experience in the future!

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