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I just had the chance to go with the company to an InsideBitcoin’s conference in NYC. @p2pCryptoGirl is my handle for networking and communicating with others in the field. There, I had the chance to meet a part time team member and venture capitalist named Jeanne and have dinner with NY’s finest in the industry. The conference was very fun and informative. A few companies had exhibits going on where they offered demos of their products and services. This experience taught me a lot about compliance and regulation involving bitcoin, and I had a chance to see some of the more branded competitors in action. Meeting some of these people who are so passionate in the Bitcoin space was really great. Most of the participants in this conference are very intellectual and have strong opinion involving the crypto-space. Many people were at the convention simply because they were looking to invest. It’s nice pitching out ideas and hearing their feedback when it comes to potential campaigns.

At the conference I talked to a hedge fund leader about getting inside the minds of the consumer and came up with some really great strategies to take home to the team. Going to that event was definitely the best time I’ve had. It was very empowering to join other women at the conference, which is predominantly attended by males. I want to continue going to these conferences and networking within this field. I’ve had an excellent time venturing into this world.


He’res a pic of me preparing for the conference in the conference room:

Brianna in conference area]

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  1. Sounds like an exciting opportunity. I saw a documentary on Bitcoin and it seems to be a trending topic across the world. I give you props to your experience and hope that you learned a lot from being around these investors!

    If this thing ever takes off the way it is talked about, you would be a great resource.

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