Mid-sized reliability is no myth.

LevLane is no “boutique” ad agency. However, it is also by no means huge. With about 60 employees, they fall squarely in the middle. At a larger agency, it’s easy to be concerned that you’ll be lost in the shuffle, or that the most work you’ll be doing is remembering everyone’s coffee orders. At a smaller one, having someone breathe down your neck while you’re trying to work and watching every little thing is both disconcerting and no way to get creative work done.

That’s what I loved about working at LevLane. I was given the space to do the work I was assigned (which was writing for real clients in a variety of industries), but when I wanted to have someone check it, or give me some constructive criticism, I knew I wasn’t intruding. It was also good to be so familiar with the creative team because they got to really know my writing style. The voice that I tend to write in is good for some brands, and… shall we say, “less good” for others. So they knew which jobs were right for me, and which were not. This is something you’d never find at a huge agency that has a giant pool of interns. This familiarity meant that we all worked together well, while still giving each other enough space to actually get the work done. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LevLane, and was thrilled to have worked with such a talented group of people.

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  1. I interned at Levlane last spring and thats what I loved about it too! I felt like no matter how busy someone appeared, they always took the time to sit down with me, review my work and give me constructive feedback. I felt like everyone genuinely cared about making my internship a “learning experience.” I loved my experience there!

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