What I’ve Learned At LevLane

Being my first internship in the advertising world, there were some basic things that I had figured I would learn at LevLane.

I knew going into this internship that I would probably see a whole new side of advertising that learning in the classroom just couldn’t possibly show; I was correct about this. There were a lot of things that I expected – copywriters and art directors having more creative workspaces, openness and less formality, an extremely fast-paced environment – but there were some things that I couldn’t have expected. I knew that the creative side and account side worked together, but I didn’t imagine just how closely-knit they actually worked together on a daily basis. I thought the two would be a little bit more separate, but it turns out that both affect each others’ work significantly.

Another thing I didn’t expect was exactly how fast-paced it would be in an agency. I knew that agencies were known for being busy, but I had no idea just how close to the deadline agencies usually cut it, simply because of their incredible workload. Something interesting I learned, that I feel may be very specific to LevLane, is how client serving they are there. I think this never-ending workload is definitely attributed to their desire to please the client, which is something I really admire about LevLane and its employees.

A very important thing that interning at LevLane taught me is to never take things personal. The ability to brush things off and not let them affect your feelings and attitude is so crucial.

My favorite thing that I’m taking from my internship experience at LevLane, though, would have to be just how great and caring and helpful people still are today. You hear a lot about this industry having very harsh, ruthless, and agenda-driven people, but everyone at LevLane really showed me that doesn’t have to be the case. Basically, the advertising industry is what you make of it. If you’re in the right place, with the right work ethic, and the right attitude and mindset, work will never be dull or unenjoyable.

Who Loves Ya? LevLane certainly does. Thanks for the great internship experience!

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