#TornadoWeek Targets Interns

As the semester is winding down, a lot of use are finishing up our internships or on the search for one for the summer. We’ve all been in the position where we’ve had to work tireless hours and drain our brains in hopes of impressing our bosses. Well, what if you were going about your normal day, but periodically blasted with tornado winds that are controlled by public mentions of #TornadoWeek on Twitter? This week, during Tornado Week, The Weather Channel has a group of excited interns who came up with the idea to have their office blasted by Twitter powered tornado winds. If you tweet @TornadoWeek, the interns will receive your message, so go ahead and send some winds their way! They’ve even set a goal at 1,000,000 mentions to blast the office with a full-blown EF-5 tornado. Good luck to the world’s most dedicated interns.

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140 Characters to 6 Seconds of Branding

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.50.53 AM

 Vine, released just a few short months ago, has already made a big impact in the social and mobile advertising world. Vine has already been employed by various brands to promote their products. Advertisers now have 6 second spots to fill as opposed to the 140 character limit found on Twitter. Brands can now engage with consumers in a conversation via 6 second video clips, much life gifs.

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Branding Yourself on LinkedIn

Throughout many of my classes, the majority of the teachers have been strong in pushing the professional use of social media. Facebook and Twitter are easy for us to use because they cross with our personal social lives. We know how to use them because we are on them all the time any way. One tool that I think slips a lot of our minds is LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The purpose of LinkedIn is for us to broadcast our professional experience to connect with colleagues, teachers, mentors, and potential employers. If used correctly, LinkedIn can be a great tool for connecting to people in our industries as well as finding and acquiring jobs. So, how can someone use LinkedIn effectively? Here are just a few tips that I’ve found through my own research and experience using the site.

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Gozaik: The Twitter Resume



A friend of mine actually tweeted about this great new company today called Gozaik, a social job application only that is saying goodbye to 8.5 x 11 paper resumes and hello to job-landing digital, mosaic-style multimedia resumes. Gozaik’s services use Twitter as a way for young professionals to search and apply for jobs. Students and young professionals who utilize the service will find help in marketing themselves more effectively via their social media, something that many top employers are paying particular attention to today. The services are also given to employers who are searching for the best and brightest talent on the market.

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The Royal Event of the Year– No, Decade. I Mean, Century.

I stand (sit, type) before you completely flabbergasted. The high level of intense media coverage of this wedding is unbelievable. (Just the fact that I didn’t have to mention WHAT wedding I’m referring to speaks for itself. For those of you who have been in the woods for the past couple of months, I am talking about the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.)

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Why didn’t you respond to my TXT?

As indirect communication steadily becomes the standard form of communication these days, it is imperative that businesses and advertisers adapt to remain relevant in the consumer’s mind.

A surefire way to lose a customer, in this new era of digital communication, is to overlook engaging in conversation–especially if the consumer has targeted you for discourse.

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THE Charlie Sheen… On Twitter.

Yes, that’s right. Now you can follow Charlie Sheen and all that he has to say to out loud on Twitter. At 9 am yesterday morning, Sheen decided that he wanted to start a Twitter account to share his side of the story to his fans. By 12 yesterday, he had his Twitter account approved (somebody else already had @CharlieSheen, so he had to get it approved by Twitter before he could take it.) It has been 24 hours, and Charlie Sheen officially has over 900,000 followers! This number is an immense testament to social media, and just how quickly it moves. Now that Sheen’s account has been publicized, his followers will undoubtedly grow greatly; what’s amazing, is that they went from nonexistant to 900,000 withOUT the twitter being publicized. Something cool: it is confirmed that Sheen is undoubtedly doing all the tweeting himself. It is likely that Sheen will be considered for (“the business of securing endorsement deals for celebrities on social media”). Might I remind you, that this has all happened within the last 24 hours? Amazing!

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Social Media in Action

Today JetBlue airlines surprised it’s Twitter followers by announcing that they would be giving out free airfare in Manhattan. The only perk is that you have to “find” them.

This is a perfect example of how businesses are beginning to incorporate social media into their advertisement and marketing plans. The idea here is not to promote yourself or your products but instead to offer customers a benefit and value for following your brand. This in turn can help with customer loyalty and maybe even word-of-mouth advertisement.

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Are You "In" the loop?

Social Media sites such as Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed the way we communicate with others and the way businesses communicate with us. Nowadays, any business large or small can create a profile on a social media site to connect with consumers. These profiles allow businesses to give their followers access to special offers, updates and benefits that are generally unable to be placed within a traditional ad. Companies ranging from large to local, such as Apple and Insomnia Cookies, are all owners of Facebook, Twitter & Myspace profiles. These social media networks allow companies to build a loyal fan base, generate buzz and relate to their customers. As the number one web industry, social media shows no signs of slowing down.

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