Twitter and Copywriting

Young copywriters, heed my words, embrace that unfamiliar technology you know as Twitter.

Many advertising students scoff, laugh, and sneer at the suggestion of starting a Twitter account.


Its simplicity?

Perhaps, it’s the stigma attached to it, that the whole user base expresses insignificant moments in their daily routine to an absent audience?

Who cares, right?

The truth of it is, Twitter could play a significant role in your entry to a career!

You want to get your foot in the door, right?

Twitter is the perfect shoe to wear in keeping that entryway wedged open!

I implore you to sign up.

Here’s why:

– Networking
I’m sure your professors have stressed to you the importance of immersing yourself into the industry. What better way to get started, than to follow agencies and creatives that work for said agencies? Create dialogue with these individuals! Share your ideas and your work. Learn firsthand from experts within the industry! Who knows? This digital discourse could lead to an internship!

– Hone Your Craft
Want to polish your copywriting skills? Twitter is perfect, in that it limits you to 140 characters to get your message across! Such limitations will manifest your creative potential.

– A Proven Resume Builder
By showing that you’re adept to social networking, you will have made your resume stand out amongst the bastion of competition. By maintaining a constant stream of insight, as well as a large group of followers, you will look very impressive to potential employers.

Give it a go! If you put enough work into it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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We’ll do lunch somewhere fancy. You’re paying, of course. That goes without “tweeting”.

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