140 Characters to 6 Seconds of Branding

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 Vine, released just a few short months ago, has already made a big impact in the social and mobile advertising world. Vine has already been employed by various brands to promote their products. Advertisers now have 6 second spots to fill as opposed to the 140 character limit found on Twitter. Brands can now engage with consumers in a conversation via 6 second video clips, much life gifs.

Many brands such as Gap, UGG Australia, Starbucks, and American Apparel have already begun to use Vine as 6 second commercials on their Twitter feeds. This goes to show how Vine has already begun to pave a new path towards brand awareness and allegiance. The necessity for attention-grabbing ads is nothing new, but now “We want our advertisers’ creative to get the consumer to touch, tap, swipe or draw within the first few seconds” says Dave Levy, executive president and cofounder of Socialvibe.

Vine videos will force advertisers to execute a strategy that truly attracts the target audience in under 6 seconds. The new media platform will allow brands to differentiate furthermore and become even more creative along the way.

Click here to check out how brands are currently using vine.

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  1. I think Vine has been an awesome new app for the iPhone. It is amazing to me how popular it became in such a short amount of time. I, as well as many of my friends, all recently got Vine and it has been a cool new addition to the app world. Besides it being fun, for example making funny videos or recording your night out, I think it will be great for businesses to use as well. Like instagram and twitter, it will enable brands to interact with consumers on a different level. It’s just another upgrade in social media that will help with brand awareness. The cool thing about videos is actually feeling like you are experiencing what others are experiencing. So while it’s interesting to look at products via instagram or state opinions through twitter, we can actually watch what brands are trying to bring to us. Right now we all are just learning how Vine works, but I think it’ll only produce great results in the future.

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