#TornadoWeek Targets Interns

As the semester is winding down, a lot of use are finishing up our internships or on the search for one for the summer. We’ve all been in the position where we’ve had to work tireless hours and drain our brains in hopes of impressing our bosses. Well, what if you were going about your normal day, but periodically blasted with tornado winds that are controlled by public mentions of #TornadoWeek on Twitter? This week, during Tornado Week, The Weather Channel has a group of excited interns who came up with the idea to have their office blasted by Twitter powered tornado winds. If you tweet @TornadoWeek, the interns will receive your message, so go ahead and send some winds their way! They’ve even set a goal at 1,000,000 mentions to blast the office with a full-blown EF-5 tornado. Good luck to the world’s most dedicated interns.

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