I decided to watch the Twitter in Plain English Common Craft Video because I was curious as to why so many people were captivated by this particular social network. After I was finished viewing I was completley turned off to joining. The explanation of Twitter’s use in the video was clear cut and easy to understand; it is a network where people can follow every little thing that occurs in a person’s life on a daily basis.

This just makes me wonder where we are going as a society in which people spend hours a day looking at or talking about the most insignificant things. Are we really that bored? Or are we really that self involved? I don’t know the answer to wanting to tell people about small daily events such as mowing the grass or wanting to follow when someone is running late to work through the use of an online site. There are so many days when I hear the phrase—’there just wasn’t enough time.’  Part of me thinks that people using a social network such as Twitter uses up valuable time that could be spent doing something more productive or at the very least more entertaining. I’m not just singling out Twitter because other forms of media are just as much a part of the issue but watching that Twitter video pushed me towards the side of perhaps all of this social networking is killing the process of actually living life to the fullest and rather deciding to follow another persons life and living through them, and not even living the big moments of their lives but instead the ordinary parts.

Kevin McCullough, An Advertising Student.

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