How Twitter Can Help You Start Your Career

In todays market finding a job can become a daunting task if you don’t know how to leverage yourself and use the tools around you. All our teachers stress the importance of keeping your social media sites clean because employers can access them, but what about using them as a resource to land a job? The social media site Twitter can help you find job openings in just 140 characters or less. Most companies are now taking to the social media sites to get the word out about job openings and you’d be wise to listen! Mashable also released an article this past week, 14 Career Experts to Follow Twitter who can help you navigate the social media frenzy and find the job your looking for.

In addition to those professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting with Rebecca Waxman who is a recruiter for positions including designers, creatives, copywriters, and developers. Rebecca works for The Creative Group  a staffing agency in Philadelphia. Rebecca uses the social media platform Twitter on a daily basis to advertise tons of employers who are in need of employees in the various areas, so follow Rebecca on Twitter- @rebwaxy99 and you too can stay notified of some of Philadelphia’s best job openings.

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