Are You #TempleMade?




Today, May 6th, at 9PM, “Branded”, a film by Cameron S. Mithcell, will be premiering at The Pearl on Broad Street. The film looks inside the Temple Made campaign through the eyes of students, faculty, alumni, and the marketing team that started it all. “Branded” is an opportunity to experience and discuss the impact of the influential campaign and its affect on the Temple community. It is a cherry and white movement that has expanded Temple’s reach not only in the city of Philadelphia and surrounding areas, but also nationwide with its influential ads in print, TV, and online. There will be a Q&A discussion following the premiere. The premiere will screen twice, first at 9PM and second at 9:30PM. You can RSVP to the event for free admission.

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Branding Yourself on LinkedIn

Throughout many of my classes, the majority of the teachers have been strong in pushing the professional use of social media. Facebook and Twitter are easy for us to use because they cross with our personal social lives. We know how to use them because we are on them all the time any way. One tool that I think slips a lot of our minds is LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The purpose of LinkedIn is for us to broadcast our professional experience to connect with colleagues, teachers, mentors, and potential employers. If used correctly, LinkedIn can be a great tool for connecting to people in our industries as well as finding and acquiring jobs. So, how can someone use LinkedIn effectively? Here are just a few tips that I’ve found through my own research and experience using the site.

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Gozaik: The Twitter Resume



A friend of mine actually tweeted about this great new company today called Gozaik, a social job application only that is saying goodbye to 8.5 x 11 paper resumes and hello to job-landing digital, mosaic-style multimedia resumes. Gozaik’s services use Twitter as a way for young professionals to search and apply for jobs. Students and young professionals who utilize the service will find help in marketing themselves more effectively via their social media, something that many top employers are paying particular attention to today. The services are also given to employers who are searching for the best and brightest talent on the market.

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Bigger News Feed, Bigger Ads.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 6.02.28 PM

Today Facebook announced its newest plan to redesign its news feed feature. CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s idea is to create a news feed that acts as a personalized newspaper. The idea is that users will be able to persue streams consisting entirely of photos, events, music-related content or brand specific content from brands you like or public figures that you follow. In order to create this personalized newspaper, photos and ads that show up in your news feed will appear larger to attempt to be more eye-catching.

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Google vs. Facebook

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search


Facebook has created a new way to search that could quite possibly dethrone the king of search engines, Google Search. Facebook Graph Search goes beyond Facebook and onto the web where it searches for specific answers instead of various links that lead to those answers. Through the help of Bing, Facebook Graph Search will find web results as well as profile specific information when searching. The idea is that people will be able to look for their friends in various places and their information from Facebook Graph Search will be more personally relevant.

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Social Hollywood: The Beauty Inside

I think I can speak for us all that at one point or another we have wondered what it would be like to be the main character of a movie. This is the key insight for “The Beauty Inside” a global social film collaboration by Toshiba and Intel starring Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and potentially, YOU! This campaign was brought to my attention by a fellow Temple Advertising student and good friend Holly Furman who strongly believes in inspiring others to do good advertising. It’s one of the things I like most about being an ad major here are Temple, we are a group of young professionals giving advice, getting advice, and sharing inspiring ideas. When she sent me the link to this social film I needed to investigate the topic a little more and this is the amazing story that I found “The Beauty Inside” campaign had to deliever.

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On my drive to Philly this morning I was listening to NPR, and learned that China has created it’s own form of Facebook, in english meaning “everybody.” The irony of the title? They were forced to create this social networking site because the Chinese government will not allow Facebook in China, with the fear that exposure to other walks of life will cause a rebellion among citizens. As a very-free American, this concept is bizarre to imagine! In addition to not permitting facebook, Google cannot exist in China because it will not limit it’s information to fit the requirements of the government. What kind of rebellion is the Chinese government afraid will happen if they are permitted to globally interact with the rest of the world? It is amazing to recognize that the Chinese government is literally forbidding KNOWLEDGE to reach it’s citizens, in fear of the POWER that will result. I am reminded once again of the privilege of being an American. Check out more about the ban on facebook and google in china here.

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Are You "In" the loop?

Social Media sites such as Myspace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed the way we communicate with others and the way businesses communicate with us. Nowadays, any business large or small can create a profile on a social media site to connect with consumers. These profiles allow businesses to give their followers access to special offers, updates and benefits that are generally unable to be placed within a traditional ad. Companies ranging from large to local, such as Apple and Insomnia Cookies, are all owners of Facebook, Twitter & Myspace profiles. These social media networks allow companies to build a loyal fan base, generate buzz and relate to their customers. As the number one web industry, social media shows no signs of slowing down.

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