Google vs. Facebook

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search


Facebook has created a new way to search that could quite possibly dethrone the king of search engines, Google Search. Facebook Graph Search goes beyond Facebook and onto the web where it searches for specific answers instead of various links that lead to those answers. Through the help of Bing, Facebook Graph Search will find web results as well as profile specific information when searching. The idea is that people will be able to look for their friends in various places and their information from Facebook Graph Search will be more personally relevant.

Facebook now has access to a lot of the intel data that has caused Google to succeed beyond other search engines so well in the past. By knowing what specific results that users desire to find, search engines can charge a considerable amount for the right to serve an ad. Facebook’s search unit will then leverage this search data. Facebook’s new search isn’t about looking across the network, but rather getting customized results based on your preferences and your friends’ preferences.

It is estimated that over the next 3-5 years, the new searching tool could put Facebook in the second position, as far as search engines go. In my opinion, I feel that Facebook will eventually gain power to take over Google and revolutionize the way we search for content on the Internet.

Check out Facebook Graph Search for yourself:

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