On my drive to Philly this morning I was listening to NPR, and learned that China has created it’s own form of Facebook, in english meaning “everybody.” The irony of the title? They were forced to create this social networking site because the Chinese government will not allow Facebook in China, with the fear that exposure to other walks of life will cause a rebellion among citizens. As a very-free American, this concept is bizarre to imagine! In addition to not permitting facebook, Google cannot exist in China because it will not limit it’s information to fit the requirements of the government. What kind of rebellion is the Chinese government afraid will happen if they are permitted to globally interact with the rest of the world? It is amazing to recognize that the Chinese government is literally forbidding KNOWLEDGE to reach it’s citizens, in fear of the POWER that will result. I am reminded once again of the privilege of being an American. Check out more about the ban on facebook and google in china here.

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