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Facebook has found another way to take over your social life. They have just created a new experience for the HTC First phone that comes preloaded with the Facebook home page. It’s a new feature that takes over the entire home screen on your phone that enables you to view content from your social networking friends and interact right there instead of needing to go to the Facebook app. You can creep, like, and comment on photos right on your main screen. You will also have pop-up notifications, that can luckily be turned off if you find it too invading. Though if you already love the app I’m sure you’ll appreciate the social networking updates.

Facebook is already everywhere, so the venture into full phone branding is not too shocking. But what I wonder is how popular this feature is going to be. People already check their Facebook apps every chance they can, but do you think this will be more appealing to the curious generation of millenials? In my opinion, I like my Facebook to stay neatly in it’s app, waiting for when I want to see what’s going on. The constant presence of content and Facebook information seems too overwhelming in the form of a home screen. People already spend very little time away from Facebook, and in my opinion this is just feeding into the social network addiction.

Learn how the app works:


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