Doing Great Work at an Internship

Everyone wants to impress his or her boss by doing outstanding work at an internship. But how do you know when the opportunity is there? I work as a Web Design Intern at a company called ASTM International. My main task at my internship is to reorganize and redesign the company’s intranet site, currently over 400 pages in a confusing and cluttered navigation. On my first day, my boss gave me a useful book to read, Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug. dontmakemethinkThis book has great advice and information about web interaction and usability. He lent it to me just as an interesting and informative read for when I had down time. But I took this book home and read it in a couple of days because I thought it could help me with my project. The book was a great refresher for things learned in school, as well as sparking some new ideas. So when I sat down to reorganize the information architecture, I was inspired by the book and managed to create a couple different drafts. My boss was pleased to see that I had made progress on this difficult project so soon and even had me start on wireframes. This is an example of an opportunity to learn more than expected of you and provide higher quality work. Whatever resources your employer gives you, take advantage of them. Even if you are not handed a book, do your own research and find your own resources to learn from. After all, it is important to be self-starting, efficient, and hungry to learn during an internship.

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Happy Earth Day, Google!




Happy Earth Day 2013! While you’re all being especially green today, do yourself a favor and head over to Google‘s homepage to see their interactive logo for the day. Google has presented us with a beautiful landscape that goes through the changing of the seasons. As the sun moves westward and the moon goes through it’s phases, the seasons pass, showing us different days starting with spring going slowly into summer, fall, and winter.

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Social Hollywood: The Beauty Inside

I think I can speak for us all that at one point or another we have wondered what it would be like to be the main character of a movie. This is the key insight for “The Beauty Inside” a global social film collaboration by Toshiba and Intel starring Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and potentially, YOU! This campaign was brought to my attention by a fellow Temple Advertising student and good friend Holly Furman who strongly believes in inspiring others to do good advertising. It’s one of the things I like most about being an ad major here are Temple, we are a group of young professionals giving advice, getting advice, and sharing inspiring ideas. When she sent me the link to this social film I needed to investigate the topic a little more and this is the amazing story that I found “The Beauty Inside” campaign had to deliever.

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Writing is important, and it’s not so bad after all

At Lorel Marketing Group, in King of Prussia, I have been given several jobs such as posting on social media, writing for blogs, coming up with copy for websites, proofreading projects and assisting in pulling together different information to form a complete project. All of these jobs have a common theme: writing. I thought that after I had completed my GenEds and intro classes that my writing would be PowerPoint presentations and maybe a few small papers. I have written more this summer than I have in the past school year. A lot of people groan when it comes to writing, but I have found that it is both necessary and can be enjoyable.

A lot of my writing has been creative for blogs or social media. This is fun to really spice up your thoughts and come up with funny posts. Other times, some people here will give me a task that involves piecing together previous reports and jobs into a new, fresher piece. This is a nice mind exercise and it feels good to stretch your brain to come up with new phrases or words to fit into a sentence. Some of my work entails word-smithing some documents to make them fit into a 2 page spot. While reading some of the previous writers’ work or projects, I see many typos and grammatical errors that were published. Not only does it pay to have proper grammar in school, but at work especially. I edit this information and put it together into a new doc, which gives it a more up-to-date feel and keeps the content new. It’s always nice to have a fresh set of eyes to view your writing for a different point of view.
I did not see myself as a strong writer, but several people here have told me that I am. I never thought that I enjoyed writing, but if the topic is interesting and you have the desire to do the work it’s not so bad. 

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Webby Awards 2011

The Webbys is an award show celebrating excellence on the Internet. And since the medium is virutally endless, they’ve broken it down into several categories: Websites, Online film & video, Interactive Advertising, and Mobile / Apps. From their, each section is broken down into (roughly) a million subcategories.

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Social Media in Action

Today JetBlue airlines surprised it’s Twitter followers by announcing that they would be giving out free airfare in Manhattan. The only perk is that you have to “find” them.

This is a perfect example of how businesses are beginning to incorporate social media into their advertisement and marketing plans. The idea here is not to promote yourself or your products but instead to offer customers a benefit and value for following your brand. This in turn can help with customer loyalty and maybe even word-of-mouth advertisement.

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"A Virtual Call To Action"

As Temple students, many of us have traveled to the heart of the city only to be greeted by the scent of putrid air and homeless men and women searching for their next meal in a garbage can. Clearly these people are in need of help, but like many problems they go unnoticed. Agency Sarkissian Mason has created a virtual version of a homeless man to aware pedestrians walking the city streets how easy it is to help out someone whose is homeless. Instead of including an awkwardly place headline, a message pops up asking for people to move the virtual man by sending in a text message. The displays serves as an advertisement for Pathways to Housing and urges participating pedestrians to donate to the organization via text message. Clever?

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