Skittles ‘Touch’ Online Ads

If I had a dream account to work on, I think I’d have to go with Skittles. Of course, I’m basing this solely off of the completely insane and original advertising they have already (I don’t even particularly like candy). Nothing is too weird for them. I believe the agency behind the madness is TBWA/Chiat/Day- so hat’s off to them.

Open the video up in YouTube and check out their other ‘touch’ ads- they’re all equally as disturbing as this one, trust me!


  1. Did you see the Facebook “Dazzle the Rainbow” tactic?

    I thought it was kind of a stupid tactic, but I found myself clicking the button to add to the skittles, and watching the live feed to see the Skittles drop on this guy’s head. I checked back through the day, adding more Skittles to the total dropped and checking on the guys progress. The interaction was what had me coming back, interacting with a remote location with a live stream where I could SEE the interaction was fascinating.

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