Tic Tac Print Ad

In the current issue of Us Weekly (February 2012 issue) with Whitney Houston, I came across an interesting advertisement. We all know and love Tic Tac. They are bite size candy/mint that you can carry around and pop one in when you want it. In Us Weekly, there was an advertisement for Tick Tac with the headline “Shake it up”.

As you can see from the advertisement, they give you fun facts that are actually made out of little Tic Tac’s! I thought this was so cool. I can see this being a campaign where they make all different kinds of advertisement with cool little facts made out of different colors of Tic Tac. I can’t really decide if they actually made this because from the looks of it, Photoshop was used. The side that has the curved letters was a took they used in Photoshop to make it curve around. Part of me thinks that they actually made the letters with real Tic Tac’s and I think the outline of the bed was created on Photoshop (even though that it tedious).

This advertisement reminded me of another advertisement I saw long ago. I can’t remember exactly what brand it was but, it was a print ad that had an image of monuments throughout the world made out of pennies! I thought that was really interesting as well. To get a clear view of what im talking about, here is the image of what it looks like. Basically, they built monuments out of pennies for print advertisement. I can’t really remember what brand it was but that’s usually how it looks like.

Building with Pennies

Tic Tac continues this advertisement as a campaign in their website as well. If you go to their website and click “play and share” you can make your own design and art with colorful Tic Tac’s. I thought this was a great way for them to campaign themselves by using interactive tactics. But the only problem I thought was why the random fact? I guess because their tag line is “shake it up” I guess they were trying to show that people should do different things like, not sleep on the same side of the bed? But I felt that they should probably write facts about how mints help your breath or anything that’s more related to mints. Just a thought. But I still enjoy this type of advertisement where they create something with a product.