The Life of A Web Nerd at Two Paperdolls

The graphic they posted for the web design position.

I’m Kelly Clawson and this summer I had the amazing opportunity to work as a Web Design Intern at Two Paperdolls. This boutique design and letterpress shop does everything from branding and wedding invitations to website design and coding. I was fortunate enough to work directly in the web department with inspiring and informing people.

The main area for client meetings and reception.

Designing directly for Two Paperdolls clientele was a unique experience and enjoyable challenge. Their range and depth of clients allowed me to work on websites for photographers and premium paper companies to dog boutiques and financial businesses. Working directly with the web department and Creative Director, I was able to hone my skill of website design in relation to web 2.0 standards and responsive design.

Two Paperdoll’s stellar collection of old moveable type.

The process always starts with a sitemap in which the client’s website or desired website goals are addressed along with the user experience. From here, the sitemap is transformed into desired user actions and actual webpages. At this stage, I would create wireframes for each page based on the content and desired goals of that page. Next I would design “Style Tiles” or website versions of moodboards to establish the look and feel for web styles and features.

My desk and computer in the web department.

With the wireframe and Style Tiles completed as the foundation of the website, I could begin on the actual design of each webpage. After final approval of the design, the website would be passed along to be coded into a functionally, working website.

Overall the depth of the process and the intimate relations internally within the design shop is something I truly admire and enjoy. The passion for the craft, whether design or coding was inspiring and motivating. I truly hope to one day work and create in an environment just as amazing as Two Paperdolls.

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