NY Fashion Week is Just an App Away

There’s an iPhone app for nearly everything – literally, nearly everything – and with good reason. Apps are without a doubt a smart way to gain interaction with a brand or event’s target audience. Therefore its no surprise that New York Fashion Week has developed a series of apps of their own to help attendees better navigate their way around the event, AND to involve NYFW fans who can’t be at the show, but still want to be part of the buzz.

The first iPhone app for NYFW was developed in 2008 that allowed users to browse look-by-look slide shows, trends and behind the scenes shots, an app that could be enjoyed for both Fashion Week attendees and those at home. Four years later, Fashion Week apps are now targeting not only fans, but those involved in the production and shows at the week-long event. For example, “Fashion GPS Radar” allows workers to check in, keep track of what’s going on where, and locate which events are happening where.

And get this: Another newly developed app, titled “Made Fashion Week”, syncs up with inaudible sound waves of whatever show the user is watching, and displays information about the current look coming down the runway, which the user can save and reference at a later time.

As if they weren’t impressive enough, apps are continually taking a turn for the incredible. I think companies may potentially get carried away with their app development, much like many brands are still getting a grasp on using Facebook and Twitter effectively. However, I think apps are certainly here to stay as long as they are particularly helpful to the consumer.

Source: AdWeek

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