Oh, Advertising & The Interactive Department

I am Gabrielle. I am a sophomore now and I’ve been interning at LevLane Advertising in the interactive department since April of my freshman year. I am an Advertising major. I love it!!!!!!!!! I love my job–what I do and where I’m going. Oh, interactive and digital, design and creativity!

I started in creative — graphic design when I was about 14 and then I took my work to web design and I really love this world — it’s constant evolution, it’s relentless in the pursuit of “new.” It’s cool. As an intern, I have been able to work on some great projects in the interactive department with some amazing creative and interactive-loving people. (sidebar* the people at LevLane, “LevLaners” are pretty darn amazing). I was given the amazing opportunity to re-design the entire LevLane website and subsequently, the new logo of the agency (check it out: levlane.com)! I have designed and developed a blog for the Philadelphia streets commissioner. I helped design an RFP site for Bucks County. I have also designed the social network pages (twitter, facebook, youtube) for multiple clients. I am doing some great things and as an intern, a lot of the time students feel like they can’t/don’t contribute because they are just interns, but when you can offer something … offer it!

So back to the interactive department, the love of my life: Being a part of the interactive team doesn’t just require html and coding knowledge. You don’t have to speak fluent html or jquery. In fact, the majority of what I do know about the back-stage of interactive design was learned from the people at LevLane. I’ve learned so much! (Thanks, Rich Wood/Drake NewKirk!) The Interactive team at LevLane is just 3 — myself, Rich and my boss, Drake. We work great together. To have an eye for design and possibility on the web qualifies for membership to the interactive team. Drake will say something like, “I want this to look like this and to move here and make this page here slide this way, etc.” Rich will put it all together via code and brilliance and I’d help make it pretty. lol I design.

The interactive department is great. My job is great.

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