June 2013


Getting the swing of things

Being an Art Director for a magazine is a lot of work, but I feel it’s very rewarding as well!  I’m an intern over at College Living Magazine, an ad space circular geared towards college students.  I have the assignment of working on anything that has to do with graphics or imagery for the magazine.  I’ve been really excited about some of the projects I’ve been given the task to work on.  One assignment I received was to create an ad for a new Salad Works they’re building in downtown Philadelphia.  My employer really liked my design and told me I did a great job on it!  I’m glad considering it took about 5 hours to get everything just right! My most recent assignment has been to create a mock up for a new phone app the magazine is creating called the DSmacker.  It’s a really interesting app. What it does is encourages people to take pictures of certain products in certain stores, share these images with friends, and in exchange receive discounts and coupons for the business.  I have worked on test screens of what the app will look like on an actual phone!  Overall, I feel like this internship has really given me a good feel of what it means to be not just an art director, but a GOOD art director.  I’m sure I will continue to grow while I’m here.  I’ll include the salad works ad I created as well as the ad mock up.  Also check out some of my work at my online portfolio! I’ll post a link of that as well. Thanks for reading guys! 🙂

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How I’m trying to get my foot in the door

I work as a Web Design Intern at a company called ASTM International, and I really enjoy it. One of my projects was helping to redesign the website. They use a contracting company called Micronexx to do all the developing. A way we communicate about the project is through a website called Redmine. On this site, we can post to Micronexx what we need to be changed, updated, or created for the website. When I was first being introduced to the project, my boss sent me an email only telling me to register on the Redmine website. Later in the day, we were to having a meeting about it at his office. I looked through the site and the features and remembered what my boss had told me about it earlier. Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 10.16.56 AMI was supposed to post the errors I had found on the website when going through it. I did just that and later proceeded to meet with my boss. As he was about to show me how to create a new task, he had seen that I had already posted the issues I had found, and was impressed that I was already ahead of the game. Over the course of my internship, I had to post some other things on here for the developers to do. One of the tasks was creating some icons with a page curl effect to show it was an online catalog. Recently, an email was sent out to all the ASTM staff about a new June catalog. I took a look at it on the website and saw it didn’t have the consistent page curl like all the rest. I quickly made it and sent it to my boss asking if I should put the task on Redmine. He said it was a good catch and would be pleased if I could do so. I hope that little things like this can get me in the door at a full time job when I graduate. Any little things like this are important to be on the look out for. Employers definitely look for interns who are motivated and caring about the company.

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The rewriting process


Luke Sullivan, veteran copywriter and author of Hey Whipple Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads, states on his blog, “100% of everything you create in this business will be second-guessed and 95% of it will die.” Well, I recently took part in meetings where a first piece of copy in a campaign written by a team of copywriters from an affiliated insurance company took that same exact route: the piece was second-guessed, and completely died. This didn’t happen throughout a typical series of agency/client meetings either. This happened during a series of new partnership meetings between two big name insurance companies (which I will not disclose) affiliated with my current employer. One insurance company kept on completely changing everything the other insurance company would create, or as Luke Sullivan would say, they would “be asked to re-solve the same problem they just solved.” It was kind of awkward being the middleman in the many phone conferences going back and forth between these two giant companies, but there was something I learned from this experience.

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It’s an Exciting Time Here at PrimePay

RebrandAs the title states, it is an exciting time to be an employee at PrimePay, especially in its marketing department. My name is Courtney Dolan and I am currently a summer intern at the company known as PrimePay. Now, I’m sure most of you who read the title perhaps wondered, “What is PrimePay?”. PrimePay is a provider of business outsourcing solutions specifically targeting small businesses. For example, they offer computing services as well as management plans for payroll, human resources, insurance, and benefit options to small businesses using one, single source. They began in 1986 by founder and CEO Bill Pellicano and have been expanding and offering their services across the nation ever since. With 27 years now behind them, the time has come for PrimePay to dust its shoulders off and refresh its look. This is where it gets exciting.

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Doing Great Work at an Internship

Everyone wants to impress his or her boss by doing outstanding work at an internship. But how do you know when the opportunity is there? I work as a Web Design Intern at a company called ASTM International. My main task at my internship is to reorganize and redesign the company’s intranet site, currently over 400 pages in a confusing and cluttered navigation. On my first day, my boss gave me a useful book to read, Don’t Make Me Think, by Steve Krug. dontmakemethinkThis book has great advice and information about web interaction and usability. He lent it to me just as an interesting and informative read for when I had down time. But I took this book home and read it in a couple of days because I thought it could help me with my project. The book was a great refresher for things learned in school, as well as sparking some new ideas. So when I sat down to reorganize the information architecture, I was inspired by the book and managed to create a couple different drafts. My boss was pleased to see that I had made progress on this difficult project so soon and even had me start on wireframes. This is an example of an opportunity to learn more than expected of you and provide higher quality work. Whatever resources your employer gives you, take advantage of them. Even if you are not handed a book, do your own research and find your own resources to learn from. After all, it is important to be self-starting, efficient, and hungry to learn during an internship.

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