Lessons I’ve Already Learned At My Internship

I am currently working as an intern at Townsquare Media-AC as an Advertising/Business intern in the sales department. Their five radio stations are Cat Country 107.3 FM, Lite Rock 96.9 FM, SoJO 104.9 FM, ESPN 97.3 FM and WPG 1450AM. 972229_10201215071006684_1952832157_n

I’ve learned a few valuable lessons just in my first few weeks at Townsquare Media-AC. The things I have learned I will remember for the rest of my working life, such as:

1. Save all your work… in more than one place.

I learned to back up my work after losing everything I had done in my first 15 hours spent at Townsquare. I will never forget the feeling that all my hard work was wiped out. I will also never forget redoing all 15 hours of work for the second time around. I learned to backup all my work!

2. How to use a binding machine thing.

I already knew I was impatient but this contraption was really testing me. However, I will never forget how to put together pretty presentations in a fancy binding machine.

3. Two best things to do: dress professionally and be on time.

These two things apply for the rest of my working career. Look the part and be on time. There are some sharp dressers in this office and I had to make sure I look like I belonged there.

4. Secretarial skills.

Working the technologically advanced front desk here was a huge help while the full time secretary was out. I worked on phone skills which is valuable wherever I may go in life.

I have learned at least four valuable lessons in four weeks and cannot wait to see what unfolds in the next three and a half weeks!

Find out more or apply for Townsquare Media’s internships or apply for this internship for a future semester here: https://sojo1049.com/employment/


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