An Internship Soon Ending but Never to be Forgotten

Unforunately, my internship at Townsquare Media-AC is coming to an end. I enjoyed my sales internship for the five radio stations and am sad say goodbye to my cubicle and my fun friends.

2013-05-30 12.06.00

It was fantastic to be surrounded by fun and intelligent people here at Townsquare Media. I had the opportunity to work on a successful team and add valuable contributions. I worked on things like excel spreadsheets, proofreading, binding presentations together, and researching clients. I even got to ride around with the Sales Manager making sales! I feel like I got a real glimpse into the way the industry is pushing digital much more than before. I have heard such horror stories about mistreated interns at various places but was welcomed with nothing but appreciation and compliments on my fabulous wardrobe choices. I know I have made connections and learned lessons that will last forever.

I encourage any Account Management tracks to apply for the sales internship that I did. The information on it and how to apply can be found here:

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