It’s an Exciting Time Here at PrimePay

RebrandAs the title states, it is an exciting time to be an employee at PrimePay, especially in its marketing department. My name is Courtney Dolan and I am currently a summer intern at the company known as PrimePay. Now, I’m sure most of you who read the title perhaps wondered, “What is PrimePay?”. PrimePay is a provider of business outsourcing solutions specifically targeting small businesses. For example, they offer computing services as well as management plans for payroll, human resources, insurance, and benefit options to small businesses using one, single source. They began in 1986 by founder and CEO Bill Pellicano and have been expanding and offering their services across the nation ever since. With 27 years now behind them, the time has come for PrimePay to dust its shoulders off and refresh its look. This is where it gets exciting.

When I was interviewed for the position as an intern, my supervisor, who is also the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management here at PrimePay, informed me that they are in the process of redoing PrimePay’s website and marketing collateral. Six months later, they have done just that and are awaiting for the website’s launch scheduled for the first week of August. As of today, they are in the process of fixing glitches, reviewing feedback, and finalizing the finishing touches to the site. It’s amazing to be able to witness and be a part of a company that is re-branding itself and see the concepts you’ve learned in class be put to actual use. Although it’s only been a week since I started, I can already tell that I am going to learn a great deal because there’s no better way to learn about the world of marketing and advertising than experiencing it first-hand. Because PrimePay is re-branding its company’s image and is mainly doing this through means of their website, I have been assigned to start researching its competitors websites as well as its target audience’s needs. This task has sparked my interests into exploring the possibilities of a career in market research. I look forward to the next couple of months interning at a company that is re-branding itself as well as gaining insightful skills and experiences along the way!

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