My First Internship Experience

I love my internship so much!  I’m a current intern at college living magazine.  It’s a great opportunity for me being an advertising major because I’m doing so many hands on things.  I’ve basically been put in charge for the art direction portion of the business.  This includes designing business cards, editing contracts and media kits, designing and posting various coupons to the main website, and a bunch of other things too!  This internship has given me the chance to learn about the work of a real art director versus just being an intern, and I think that it’s awesome.  I’m getting real world experience and even working with one of the founders of the magazine.  I’m sure that I’ll continue to grow as divulge deeper into the internship and complete more tasks. I’m so happy I have this opportunity to show all that I’m capable of!  Here’s abusiness card I designed for one of our interns:

Amelia Feinstein (back) Amelia Feinstein (front)

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