Colle` Products Summer Extravaganza

This summer semester I have been interning with a small company called Colle` Products in Northern New Jersey. Colle` products is a company that has created and designed a luxury jewelry and golf cleaner mousse. Colle` Products mission is to provide the most convenient and environmentally friendly products, while maintaining a commitment to the highest possible standards of quality. Over the past few weeks I have taken on a few projects for this company, which have taught me the importance of communication, organization, and time management.

I am currently maintaining the social media for Colle` Products, conducting research and planning upcoming events. I mostly work with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. As well as working the social media, I have also helped create logos, label, and product presentations. I especially enjoyed working with the advertising department and using my creativity to help design logos for the products the company sells. This work that I have done has made me feel like I am very important to the company!

Over the last couple of weeks I have begun to grow more accustomed to the work place, and have been able to open up and become more engaged with communicating my ideas with the staff. As of now this internship has given me the opportunity to see what it is like working for a company and I look forword to taking the skills I have learned to advance my position in the advertising world.

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