From a Philly Campus to Campus Philly

 I love going to college in Philadelphia so what better place to intern than at Campus Philly?

Campus Philly is a non-profit organization that encourages college students to study, explore, live and work in the Greater Philadelphia tri-state region. (Check out their website here!). You can learn about Philly events, find out about internships and jobs, and much more.

As the design intern I have been working closely with the creative manager on all sorts of projects. I helped redesign and update the style guide, designed new info graphics, and worked in Dreamweaver to edit code for the website. It has been rewarding to use what I’ve learned in the classroom in real life projects. (I recommend anyone interested in a design internship to first take the 3000 Intermediate Digital Design Tools class, it prepared me so much!). Familiarizing yourself with the Adobe Creative Suite is a never ending process since there are always new techniques, short cuts, and effects to be learned.

Icon designed for newsletter
Career graphic designed for newsletter

It’s essential keep all design projects looking consistent within a brand. Campus Philly has its own distinct look and style, so it’s my job to make sure my work fits right in. This allows for a solid campaign and a strong brand.

After interning for a few weeks now, I have realized that I would definitely want to pursue a career in the creative field. It is really awesome to see your work be published for others to see. Whether it is graphic design or advertising, it is an industry that I would like to be a part of.

I’m looking forward to finding out what else I can learn from Campus Philly in the next couple months. Until then, what have you learned from your summer internship? Leave me a comment below.

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  1. That’s so awesome that it has helped you realize you want to pursue a career in the creative field. I really like the graphic you designed, too. It seems like it’s a good internship since they have you keeping the designs consistent with their branding. I have limited knowledge of all the creative computer tools but I imagine developing and keeping your designs skills engaged over the summer will help you jump right back into creative classes in the Fall! Hope you enjoy the rest of your internship, Julie!

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