What’s a media kit?

In the beginning of my work week I was asked to do a media kit for one of the employees at Skai Blue Media. I didn’t know much when it came to making a media kit and really what it entailed but after a few searches and talking one on one with my supervisor I became a media kit pro. Basically this kit was a visual way to show her clients who she is working with under Skai Blue Show. I had to showcase four different clients where on each individual page I put about them, their press mentions, social media contact info, as well as a few of their designs. It was tricky at first making all these items fit on one page and we kept going back and fourth on whether we should do logos for the press or just words but by the end we finally nailed it on how the feel of the media kit should be. Out of all the projects I have done so far this one was my favorite. I not only learned a lot but it really made me think and take my time on the placement and presentation of how the media kit would be presented. page from media kit

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